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Green tea product in the Phongsaly province plant, green tea grown in the mountain plateau, which is pollution-free, high quality green products. Green tea aroma, taste pure, mellow, sweet aftertaste for a long time. This product has a refreshing antidote, remove fatigue, lower blood pressure, blood fat, detoxification diuretic, enhance appetite, refreshing, the effect of weight loss fitness, Regular drinking can live longer Manufactured in Phongsaly green tea factory , Sailom village, Phongsaly district and province, Lao PDR

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    Address: phonxay Road, Saysettha District, Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR.
    Phone number: +856 21 454 091
    Fax number: +856 21 454 090
    Contact person: Department of trade promotion and product development
    Type of Business: Exporter and Producer
    URL: http://
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    TPPD aims to develop and promote production and trade, and Its activities involve in social and economy development as the government policy issued.